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Welcome To The Hottest Underground Cocktail Party Around!
Enjoy 6 Prohibition Era Specialty Cocktails While Struitin’ to the Jazziest Tunes From The Great American Songbook!

Happy Hour The Musical – Prohibition! sizzles at Miss Lulu’s infamous New Orleans Storyyille brothel, Mahogany Hall, on January 16, 1919, the last night that alcohol is legal in the United States. Come be regaled with tales of underground bootleggers, dance the night away with Miss Lulu’s girls, and sing your heart out as you toast to the end of the worlds with six delectable cocktails!

Featuring twenty infectious Prohibition tunes such as Let’s Misbehave, Happy Feet and Makin’ Whoopee at HAPPY HOUR THE MUSICAL-PROHIBITION the only password you need is FUN.


Miss Lulu White – The proprietor of Mahogany E.11 and a staple of the Storyyille entertainment scene. Known throughout the country for her larger than life productions and ability to keep a secret, she runs the classiest illegal joint in New Orleans.

Mr. Mac – A Storyyille Renaissance man with a hearty laugh and a dart Past. A musician, “the muscle”, and Miss Lulu’s part-time lover, Mr. Mac is the heartbeat of Mahogany Hall.

Bessie Bourbon – A sexy firecracker from Chicago who, traveled to New Orleans with her bootlegger boyfriend. And now he got himself locked him. She’s determined to make enough money to bail him out-.and just wait until you see what she does for tips.

Fluers de Lis – A stunning dancer who is studying to be a nurse by day and is in the business of breaking hearts by night.

Imogen – Fresh off the boat from France, Imogen has come to New Orleans to escape the political unrest of Europe. what she lacks in grasp of the English language she makes up for in sensuality.

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